Lineage 2 Illusion Interlude

Interlude Server Information

In this section you will find all the required information concerning rates, server features, customs , npcs etc. Big Stats Are Back! Characters big stats returned with the old server many people loved for the unique pvps.Join the world of L2Penetration and get yourself ready for epic battles vs other players.Enjoy the ultimate PVP experience! Hero Weapons are Back! Custom Hero weapons with the oldschool glows on and the unique stats boost are back! Login and start farming for your own unique Hero weapon!Demons Tattoos are Back! Demons tattoos are back such as greater tattoos too with their totally balanced stats ready to power up your characters stats and make you even stronger.Make them now! Custom Farm System is Back! Custom mobs through the farming areas have returned stronger than ever before with very nice drops on them ready to challenge you.Kill the most you can and become stronger with your crafting gear!

  • Experience (EXP) 100x
  • Skill Points (SP) 100x
  • Adena 200x
  • Spoil 10x
  • SealStones 25x

  • Safe +4
  • Max Weapon: +25
  • Max Armor/Jewels: +25
  • Enchant Rate: Retail

  • Noblesse : Custom Item
  • Jobs 20, 40 ,76 free
  • Olympiad
  • Gk Global
  • Custom farming zones.
  • Auto learning skills.
  • Custom Hero weapons upgradable.
  • Custom Special Armors.
  • Custom tattoos.
  • Custom Demons tattoos for each class type.
  • Unique EXPERIENCE!

  • 30+4 slots (Divine Inspiration)
  • 10 hrs Buffs duration
  • Npc Buffer with basic buffs spawned in all main towns
  • AIO Buffer available as a donation reward with increased level buffs (Does not affect Gameplay Balance for owners)